LifeSpace is a personal productivity platform that helps you organize with purpose, integrate with everything, share with anyone and sync anywhere. With LifeSpace, you will create “spaces” or folders for all areas of life you care about personally, professionally and socially and then organize all your cloud-based platforms, resources, sites and documents in the appropriate spaces.  Use LifeSpace in single player mode, or share specific spaces with the people that matter most.  

LifeSpace Key Features Include:

  1. Creating Spaces for Life Events, Personal Goals, Work and Student Life

  2. Linking Bookmarks, Apps and Web Pages directly into spaces

  3. Creating Checklists and Tasks 

  4. Adding Notes

  5. Sharing Individual Spaces with Friends, Family, Coworkers and Key Stakeholders

With LifeSpace, it doesn’t matter whether you prefer working from your laptop on the LifeSpace Desktop (Mac, Windows, Linux), or are always on the run and choose the LifeSpace Mobile app (iOS, Android).  Your data will seamlessly synchronize between all your devices so you can make space for what truly matters, whether at home, in the office or on the run.  

We Help Results-Focused Individuals, Teams, Families and Students Organize, Focus and Collaborate.

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