A deep link means the direct link or URL from your browser to the exact location you want to return.  Rather than linking to Dropbox.com, you’ll login and open the exact folder that you need.  Then, simply copy/paste that link from your browser into LifeSpace to connect that folder to your space.  

The beauty of deep links is that they work great on the LifeSpace Desktop browser, but also open nicely on mobile app as well.  Often, when clicking a deep link, the phone opens the related app and even opens directly to the folder or item within the app, all from a single click.

This eliminates your need to open that app’s home page and then trying to dig through the app to find the one thing you need.  

To get a deep link, open up your browser and go to the desired website.  Login and navigate as deep as possible to the exact content you want.  In most cases, the URL, or web address, will be much more complex and longer than the home page URL.  

Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/home/LifeSpace/Demo/Project1
Google Sheets: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ngGoc8ZOsY-HteRGnR7nn69HXRIH2XssuMSwQEFvE8U/edit#gid=1951939627

Using deep links allows you to put the exact folder or sheet or web page directly in your space, making it much easier to find later, without having to spend time searching around.

Does copy/pasting URLs seem too complicated? 

On iOS and Android, we have added a "Share to LifeSpace" feature (September 2019).  Navigate to any webpage on safari mobile browser, hit the "share" button and choose the "LifeSpace" app.  You can then select which space to store the link. Open your bookmarks for that space and there it is. It's that easy!  

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